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CIMA -- oak at the top of its game.

You probably think you know oak - the slow growing hardwood from the time of the knights, strong and massive in design ... but then you meet Cima. The name means “top” and Cima is on top of most things in your kitchen. Especially the light, almost airy sense that can only be modern Danish design


Genuine oak -- noble by nature.

Oak is durable to use, wonderfully natural and real to the touch, but slow growing and expensive. We asked our designers to create a kitchen in solid oak that would look and feel truly modern, yet still keep our promise of surprisingly low prices. They came up with Cima and a special craftsman technique, that combines solid oak and veneer. Perfect natural veins and lush end grain - or oak on top of oak. The result is Cima and we would love you meet it too, in all its natural beauty.

Between the lines -- warm and glowing.

Its use of profiles and strict lines is so simple and so rich in the practical functionality characteristic of Danish design. Clear and geometrical, and yet alive because of the way light and shadows play in it. Your fingers grip perfectly on the solid oak that almost fans out the warm wooden colour like feathers on a wing, when you reach the cupboard doors and drawer. The design is firm and self confident - and the handle free attitude does not even say 'door' or 'drawer.' Just natural oak.

Elegant expression -- a modern classic in every vein.

Cima’s particularly elegant appearance is achieved through a solid oak construction with oak veneer on top, carefully selected to display the elegant characteristics of the veins found in mature oak. The solid, warm tones in Cima's oak will only grow warmer when you match it up with a contrasting material.

Add a worktop of, for instance, black ceramic or all white laminate - both will stand out as classic. Your preference and personal style will guide you, but we suggest you book a meeting and get a real life presentation of Cima in light oak or dark oak.

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Experience Cima -- make a statement in your home.

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