Designed with good intentions

Sustainability has become a buzz word that's on everyone's lips these days. New rules and regulations around it make talking about it increasingly difficult. But we like a challenge and we work strategically every day to minimise our climate impact. 

We take our good intentions seriously and that's why we've chosen to do a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) on all our product families. We believe that the reports of independent experts, like those found in our LCAs and environmental product declarations (EPDs) are the most transparent ways to document our progress.

We think our customers deserve to know about the raw materials their new kitchen is made from. It's why we calculate the number of plastic water bottles we recycle each year. And it's why we show customers how many recycled water bottles their kitchen contains, as well as how many kilos of recycled wood.  It's why every one of our kitchen designs use recycled materials, not just a select few, and it doesn't cost extra.

Read on to learn how we've woven our good intentions into our design process and all our designs.

A kitchen with good intentions

— demands recycled materials

Did you know that 80% of the environmental impact of a product is due to decisions taken in the design phase? We make timeless Danish design using as many high-quality recycled materials as we can and we have the calculations to back it up, on every offer.  Our extended warranties reflect our strong belief in long lasting products. 

Our kitchens are always made with design and function in perfect harmony. And every one of our designs utilises recycled materials. We include the number of recycled water bottles that go into our foils and the kilos of recycled wood that go into exactly your new kitchen on every offer, along with its CO2 footprint. That gives you a great story to tell your guests when you invite them over for dinner in your new kitchen.

Read more about our materials

In 2023, Kvik has given 6,501,287 plastic bottles a new life within the kitchen industry!

— Kvik Category Management team

— reduces, reuses, and recycles

We love Danish design. We love creating products that are beautiful, timeless, and durable. We love working with quality materials that last. But we don’t love the waste that comes with it. 

Which is why we collaborate and work with Stena Recycling, leaders in recycling and resource management. They help us turn most of our waste into valuable resources — whether it's something that can heat our buildings, become new materials, or inspire new solutions. 

— gives you its exact CO2 footprint

When you get your offer for your new kitchen design, you will also get insight into the environmental impact of your kitchen. In 2024, we carried out a Life Cycle Analysis of our products. Through this thorough assessment and collaboration with our suppliers, we are able to transparently inform you about the environmental impact of your individual kitchen and how much recycled wood and recycled PET plastic is used to make it. The calculations are based on specific product data and updated daily, so you can trust that your calculations are up-to-date and reliable. This allows us to help you make the most informed choice through transparent data about your kitchen.

A kitchen with good intentions

— is always delivered in flatpacks

A key component of our concept is our efficient flatpack transport. We assemble our kitchens at a Kvik store near you, whereas the industry standard is to assemble at the factory. Our logistics solution with flatpacks means we can transport 6 times more kitchens on each truck than if they were assembled before transport. 

— values renewable energy

Last year marked a turning point in our journey towards a green transition when we joined forces with visionary companies to take an active part in the establishment of green energy in Denmark. In January 2023, together with our sister companies, DFI-Geisler, Multiform and JKE Design, we concluded a power purchase agreement with Better Energy. Through this agreement, we have been part of establishing a new solar park near Stevning in southern Denmark. 

The new solar park adds an additional 35-gigawatt hours of renewable energy to the Danish grid annually. This amount of energy is equivalent to what 22,500 people in Denmark would typically need for their daily activities.   

Read more about the initiative with Better Energy

As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to be focused on sustainability and to continue to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses

— Henrik Gade Andersen, Director of Strategic Purchasing at Kvik

More than just a power purchase

Groundwater protection with solar parks

The solar park is like a protective shield for groundwater. Unlike traditional farmland, it covers the ground with grass, safeguarding the water below.

Livestock-friendly zones

Thanks to local zoning decisions, the area is maintained by allowing livestock to graze.


By eliminating pesticides and fertilisers from farming, the solar park will positively impact the conditions of the surrounding nature and wildlife.

A kitchen with good intentions

— is committed to workplace safety

Producing your dream kitchen is what we do. And we do it with the careful attention to detail and craftmanship, all while protecting our employees and their safety. Over the years, we have gathered valuable insights through dialogues with our internal teams. Through new and innovative initiatives, we are able to make our production and warehouse a great and safe place to work. 

— wants a diverse and inclusive workforce 

We strive for a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone's strengths are put to optimum use. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is critical for us to continue to grow. That is why we continually try to create an environment for innovation, collaboration, and growth. We have set concrete goals for gender balance and for employee satisfaction. We're not where we want to be yet, but we are working on it. 

Gender distribution and goals

Gender distribution in manufacturing

Step into our production facilities in Vildbjerg and you'll realise that this traditionally male-dominated sector features a lot of women. As of August 2023, 39% of our production and warehouse employees are women, while the remaining 61% are men. Through various investments in automation and technology, we can ensure good ergonomics that don't limit physical performance.

Our commitment to bridging the gap

We have an ambition to ensure that the gender distribution in management at Kvik A/S reflects the diversity and modernity of our company. While we're proud that our manufacturing facilities break down barriers and foster an inclusive environment, we know we have work to do when it comes to gender distribution. We are significantly underrepresented when it comes to women in leadership positions. And that's something we're committed to changing.

Our ambitions on gender distribution in management positions

Our overall gender mix is 43% women and 57% men. We have set a target of a minimum of 33% female and male members on our Board of Directors. As of today, we have three men and zero women on the Board of Directors.  We expect to reach this target by 2025. We have set a target of at least 40% male and female members at other management levels. Currently the gender composition is 6 women and 27 men at the other management levels. We expect to reach this target by 2026. 

It's a journey

A kitchen with good intentions

— demands certificates

There are plenty of labels out there with varying standards — however it is not all labels that are official and verified by a third party. That's why our certificates are a great tool to help you feel secure in the standards our products live up to. Our certificates are a way for us to show independent verification of our commitment to important areas such as sustainable forestry, workplace satisfaction and a clean indoor environment. 

Read more about our certificates

— supports local community projects

Every year, our internal employee association KvikOp supports various community initiatives. We believe that there is much more to our company than just creating Danish design at surprisingly low prices. We have a strong ambition to actively contribute to and have a positive impact on the local community we are part of. 

We support projects proposed by our employees. This usually results in support for various activities and clubs that our own employees are involved in - and a wide range of projects that make a difference in in the many communities where our employees live. And that's something we value a lot. 

Throughout 2023, we've had the pleasure of supporting 21 projects – among them:  

  • Tørring Idrætsforening: grants for life-saving first aid. 
  • Hjælpesporet - Christmas presents for vulnerable families 
  • Vævelauget Randbøldal - Publication of a book with their own patterns to inspire others to try the craft of weaving. 

— is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

You have probably seen the colourful palette of goals displayed by the United Nations — the Sustainable Development Goals. 17 goals adopted by all member countries to ensure peace and prosperity for people and the planet. As companies and consumers we too have a responsibility towards our planet and the people living on it, and through these goals we commit ourselves and our operations to take our part in these goals, so we can reach the target by 2030.

No one can do everything. That includes us. And although each of the 17 goals are worthy of our attention, we want to create the biggest impact, which is why we focus on the four goals where we can create the biggest influence. 

We focus on 4 SDGs in particular

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Diversity and inclusion are important pillars of our management goals. Unfortunately, we are not performing well when it comes to gender diversity in management. Therefore, we work with concrete goals to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Nevertheless, every year we systematically measure our performance as a workplace through employee surveys and personal conversations because we believe in continuous improvement – resulting in our Great Place to Work® certification.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

We have been on a complex journey to update the way we manage our waste through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. Our disposal rate has dropped from +25% in 2022 to around 5% in 2023. And we want to lower it even further. We also want to integrate better practices in terms of reporting our commitments, initiatives and progress. And as part of Ballingslöv International AB, we annually publish a sustainability report.

Goal 13: Climate action

We are not a perfect company. We recognise the impact of our operations on the environment. But we want to be and do better, which is why we are committed to this goal. We want to lower our environmental impact, increase the share of recycled materials where possible, and find new ways to recycle and reuse the waste from our operations. And not just us alone, but we also set stricter requirements for our suppliers throughout our entire supply chain, as well as for our suppliers' suppliers.

Goal 16: Peace, justice, and institutions

As part of Ballingslöv International AB, we also want to promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies in our organisation. To combat corruption and unethical behaviour, we want to create and maintain inclusive societies without discrimination.

Ballingslöv International Sustainability report 2023

We are part of the Swedish concern Ballingslöv International AB. On a yearly basis, Ballingslöv International AB publishes a sustainability report, which describes the initiatives and progress that all the companies under its umbrella have made.

Sustainability Report 2023