Please note that the following terms apply to the use of Kvik Chat:

Terms & Conditions for Kvik Chat

When you chat with us and no one is available to chat with you live, we ask you for your email address and/or telephone number. 

When you enter your contact information, we only use this information to contact you in relation to your inquiry via Kvik Chat. If you send us a message when no one is available to chat, the information you provide in the chat will only be used to contact you to answer your inquiry.

Please note that we store all chat function correspondence for six months. We do this to be able to document the correspondence between between us and so that you don’t start over from scratch every time you chat with us. It’s part of the relationship between you and Kvik.

The personal data you have provided to us in connection with the use of Kvik Chat is automatically deleted after 6 months, unless we have a specific reason to keep it for a longer period of time, e.g., if you get back in touch with us because you would like our assistance in connection with a specific matter.

Additionally, we store parts of the correspondence in anonymised form to enable us to compile statistics on how many chat inquiries we receive, what topics the inquiries are about, etc.

You have a range of rights in relation to our processing of your personal data. These rights are described in more detail in our privacy policy, which you will find via the link or at the bottom of our website. We encourage you to read this carefully.