Front colors

PRATO -- so precise, so subtle.

Even from a distance the first thing you will notice about Prato is the matt finish. Because the most subtle way to present a dark look is to keep it from being too shiny, and most of the details about Prato are quite subtle. Once you get close your fingers will notice the surface - it's made of especially durable, recycled PET. And then there's the framing with black edges that gives Prato its distinctive graphic character.


Seamless transition -- an overture to the living room.

Not all open kitchens are magnets for attention – nor should they be. You and your guests will find Prato just as sociable as any of our other kitchens, but if your plans operate with two separate atmospheres, Prato’s subtle look is a brilliant candidate for a calm corner, where you've got everything under control – but it's still open and welcoming towards the living area, where the action is happening. With Prato, the two spaces blend seamlessly into one.



Ultimate simplicity -- the door IS the handle.

When it comes to decoration, you will probably find Prato rather strict: just the simple beauty of matt geometric surfaces. The covers for refrigerator or dishwasher: nothing but matt surfaces. Not even a decorative door handle – the door IS the handle. A bit nerdy you may think, but that is Prato, and it's nerdy in the best way. The distance between the elements is just a little slimmer, the recycled material on the fronts is selected for strength to be just a little more sleek. Every subtle detail matters.

Subtle matt surfaces -- bring out the best in your worktop.

Regardless what colours your prefer to put together in your kitchen, Prato has a talent for making your other kitchen elements shine. If you plan for a stunning worktop, or an advanced set of built-in appliances in black ceramic, or maybe some stunning tiles, Prato's matt surface will be the perfect backdrop - and you'll appreciate it every day.

Experience PRATO -- for your home.

Have you noticed Prato’s X-factor?

Prato’s secret talent is a uniquely designed furniture called the X-module. It blends perfectly into Prato like the other modules, though it is designed completely differently (and truth be told, you can use it with any of our kitchens). Besides extra and versatile storage, this gives you a chance to break up the strict lines of Prato with …X. Because it is up to you to choose details like door colours, wood nuance, how many drawers or shelves, do you want an open or closed look and…well, better come see it in our showroom.

Kitchen X Living room

The X-module quickly becomes part of the family – because it is immediately accessible and open to being a part of the living room. For social events, X-module lets every one gather up for appetisers – with no swinging doors to spoil the fun. And the cook can join in and be part of the conversation, because everyone can be right there.

Proud tradition

Simply explained, X-module is living room shelving furniture with kitchen talents. If you have an eye for craftsmanship, you will notice the craftsmanship of its precise finger joints and the feel of solid wood, but you might also just enjoy the simple living look it adds to your home. The doors are a love song to Japanese design, as they slide like a Ninja – just on a carefully sanded oak foot.