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VEDA -- uncomplicated and elegant.

Veda gives you one less thing to worry about, slipping perfectly into your day-to-day life. Minimalistic and timeless thanks to carefully considered Danish design, it’s functional and ergonomic too. Better yet, it’s the most sustainable kitchen we’ve made so far - using both recycled plastic bottles and recycled wood fibres - leaving you to feel good and enjoy your new kitchen. Like we said, one less thing to worry about.


Uncomplicated simplicity — the best of Danish design.

Heavily inspired by the ever changing Danish landscape, Veda comes in five colours - clean white, mossy green, light grey, dark and light oak - that all create a peaceful and balanced atmosphere. And the opposite of the Danish weather - the uncomplicated simplicity of Danish design. Veda oozes classy functionality as it integrates seamlessly into your home - just like a part of the family.

White kitchen with a kitchen island, tall cabinets and black handles

The choice is yours -- pick your own finishing touches.

Make your kitchen as unique as you – by choosing your favourites from our ergonomically-designed handle family. Whatever best represents your style, from modern or minimalist, to industrial or classic – each is a striking and functional addition to your new kitchen. Or do you prefer hands-free? The Veda Touch is rooted in minimalistic simplicity and with a clever handle-free design, gives you luxury at a surprisingly low price. This functional design adds a streamlined feeling to your kitchen, making it easy to open with just a gentle touch of your fingers, knee or even hip.

Recycled materials -- sustainable to the core, literally.

We are an ambitious company in everything with do, especially when it comes to bringing you the most sustainable kitchen possible. The core of Veda uses recycled wood fibre and our foils are made of recycled PET plastic bottles. The wooden fronts are FSC-certified, meaning all wood comes from sustainable sources. With these high-quality fronts made of recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood, sustainability is included in the price. And, when the day comes that you need a change, 99% of the kitchen is recyclable, so you don’t need to worry you’re leaving a mark.

Learn more our sustainability journey here

Experience VEDA -- for your home.

VEDA -- not just for your kitchen.

—  -- for the bathroom.

Choose a Veda bath in a different colour to keep things interesting.

—  -- for your entryway.

Veda provides the perfect place to land in your entryway.

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