Who we are?

About us.

Our history in Danish design.

At Kvik, we excel in beautiful, Danish-designed kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes all at a surprisingly low price. We believe everyone has a right to an elegant, well-made kitchen, and home, with the design and purchase being just as easy as rustling up an omelette.

We’ve had this belief from the very start. In 1983, Knud Boel Troelsen founded Kvik in the heart of Jutland, Denmark. An enterprising contractor, he had spent years listening to his customer’s complaints of the kitchen industry; long delivery times, terrible service, inefficient sales advice and of course, extortionate prices.

Knud rightly believed it could be done better. Customers were tired of the hassle the kitchen experience brought, they wanted flexibility, quality and availability. And, he delivered.

Kvik was born and promised the highest quality materials, affordable prices and quick turnaround times that it delivers to this day. We’ve added an extra focus, sustainability, that is important to both us and our customers. 

-- we stand by our beliefs.

Innovative, simple, transparent and beautiful. These are our core values that we stick to with every kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe that leaves our warehouse and makes its way to your home.

We still believe that everyone has the right to a beautiful home, and do our best to make it a reality every day.

Here is why you should choose Kvik
Green kitchen with focus on a wooden worktop

Kvik’s Timeline.

1983 - Our first stores opened in Denmark

1999 - We started growing in Scandinavia, first in Sweden Followed by Norway and Finland in 2002

2005 - The Netherlands and Belgium joined the party

2007 - France and Spain followed soon after in 2007

2011 - We went further afield to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Thailand

2021 - We landed in the German market

White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

Kvik Facts.

  • Today we have more than 180 stores in 13 countries
  • With around 1400 employees selling our Danish-designed kitchens, baths and wardrobes
  • 300 of these are in our headquarters in Denmark
  • Today, Kvik is owned by the Ballingslöv Group, part of Swedish Stena

A sharply designed management.

Kvik is run by experienced and dynamic management, which ensures that we always follow our mission to sell kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes in danish design at surprisingly low prices.

Our management is focused on further developing and rethinking the danish design tradition for the benefit of all our customers and their homes in our various markets.


-- Chief Executive Officer.


-- Chief Finance Officer.


-- Senior Vice President, Int. Market Development.


-- Chief Marketing & Product Officer.


-- Senior Vice President Sales South.


-- Senior Vice President Sales North.


-- Chief Operation Officer.