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Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC® is a non-profit forest certification system and world leader in sustainable forest management. We first introduced FSC®-certified wood into our designs in 2011, and today, all our products are made from material from responsibly managed FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

FSC® has 10 basic principles that all FSC® forest certifications around the world are based on. Through these principles FSC® sets requirements for socially, environmentally and economically responsible forest management. That means that the forests are given the time they need to regenerate, so the world's forests are thriving beyond our time. Flora and fauna are likewise protected, as well as the local communities living in and around the forests are respected and their rights ensured. And the forest workers are all paid a fair wage and ensured safe working conditions. 

Our license code is FSC® C104647 

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Our Quality Assurance Department

Dennis Frank Brokholm, Quality Assurance

Tel: +45 20 98 44 12
Email: dbr@kvik.com

Forest Stewardship Counsel Representative

Loa Dalsgaard Worm

Tel: 28 78 08 19.
Email: loa@fsc.dk 

Indoor Climate Label

Our products have been awarded a Danish Indoor Climate certificate. Through indoor climate-labeled products, you are guaranteed products where all materials used have undergone extensive tests for degassing and air release as well as irritation factors. This ensures you a better indoor climate when you choose us for your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe. 

The indoor climate label sets requirements for the products' impact on air quality and therefore differs from eco-labels such as The Nordic Ecolabel, which to a greater extent places demands on production and disposal, and to a lesser extent requirements on the products' impact on the indoor climate during daily use.

Certificate No. 110

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We are a certified

— Great Place to Work®

We don’t just sell kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes. We create an environment for innovation, collaboration, and growth. Our secret ingredient? A thriving company culture that celebrates our people and their unique contributions. Here, you’re not just an employee you’re part of our culture. We celebrate wins together, learn from setbacks, and grow together, so we can create a thriving company culture that strives to be a great place to work, in terms of employee satisfaction, equality and, of course, safety.

We systematically measure our performance through employee surveys and personal conversations because we believe in continuous improvement. We listen to our teams, value their insights, and create a space where everyone’s voice matters. And as a result, we are a certified Great Place to Work®.  

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— Great Place to Work ®

Kvik’s kitchens may have different designs but they have one thing in common — all of the virgin wood in them is certified. We use two different global certification bodies, FSC® and PEFC™, that work to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

We're taking an active step in the direction of making sure you can be proud of the materials in your new kitchen, no matter which design you choose. 

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