Get more space, easily

XXL -- more is more.

We give you more -- for a surprisingly low price, every time.

How much more? 15% more to be exact.

Our standard cupboard sizes give you more space than our competitors, and best of all, it’s already included in the price. That means no more struggling to squeeze in big pots and pans, room for your extensive wine glass collection and more space in the kids’ snack drawer ー what more could you ask for?

Need a little extra?

-- how about 40% more storage?

Our XXL range gives your kitchen a storage boost, both in height and depth, leaving you with a significant amount of breathing room in your new kitchen.

Need a little extra?

-- what does 40% look like?

Just look how much more an XXL cabinet can give you. Perfect for kitchen connoisseurs and large families, or simply those of us who like a little more room.

No more foraging for spare forks

-- more room for you.

Easily get an overview of what’s in your drawers, and have it within easy reach too. That’s the beauty of a little extra space, it goes a long way. No more rummaging for specific tupperware, or finding you’d already had that icing sugar you just bought. A calm, organised kitchen starts with being able to see into all corners of your kitchen ー even the drawers.

See how much more space you get!

We make sure every centimetre is used

-- the secret is simple.

Our designers found an innovative way to give you more and you’d hardly notice it from the outside. We use the plinth, which is usually dead space, to give you an extra boost for maximum storage. Better yet, it makes it the perfect height for your worktops.

XXL gives you an easy solution

-- get more space, easily.

We give you the freedom to style your kitchen just as you want it. Whether you’ve always dreamt of everything having its place, or tidying away small appliances quickly (without fighting the cupboard for space) the XXL gives you an easy solution. Instead of hanging wall cabinets taking up light and space in your kitchen, our XXL cabinets give you maximum storage space without sacrificing precious wall space.

Easily merge your kitchen and living area

-- make room for your personality.

Use the other side of your cabinet to show off what makes you, you. Your little one’s school photos and drawings, vases of fresh flowers or that extensive cookbook collection. It’s an easy way to put your personal stamp on your living space.

XL & XXL solutions -- we offer more than usual.

Industry standard

-- nothing extra.

Our XL solution

-- 15% extra storage.

Our XXL solution

-- 40% extra storage.

Room to enjoy your kitchen

-- it’s not just cupboard space you’re getting.

It’s your work surfaces too! Fancy oils and condiments, your espresso machine, bread bins and bowls...there’s a lot taking up room on your worktops. Luckily, XXL inside your cupboards means the luxury of a little more room on top too, a whole 20% more. So give yourself more breathing room for Sunday baking, friends' wine glasses or just enjoy the luxury of having your stand mixer within easy reach at all times.