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Ralph & Mai Nissen — Kvik Hamburg Altstadt

Danish pair, Ralph and Mai Nissen, grew up in the area where Kvik was founded, so when they saw that we were seeking to open on the German market, they had no doubt that a Kvik franchise was right for them. They didn't have any doubts about being first either - on the contrary, they were excited about it.

We talked to them in their beautiful showroom in the heart of Hamburg a little over a year into their journey.

From home accessories to kitchens

Prior to opening the first Kvik store in Germany, Ralph and Mai operated multiple stores with Søstrene Grene. Despite their lack of knowledge of selling kitchens, their experience in running a store and interacting with customers made them ideal candidates. 

With our extensive training program and the support of a talented retail consultant in the early months of their business, they learned quickly the business of designing and installing kitchens for their customers. 

How it all started

Early in 2021, Ralph and Mai were wondering what was next. Ralph spotted a post on LinkedIn from our CEO Jens-Peter Poulsen, that Kvik had plans to open in Germany and after a quick discussion with Mai, he sent him a message on LinkedIn then and there.

A week later, they were in Denmark, talking to the team about the opportunity. 

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You need to be in it to win it

— Ralph Nissen
Franchisee at Kvik Hamburg Alstadt

Selling a concept — not a product

A big part of the appeal for Ralph and Mai was the whole concept around Kvik. We have a carefully curated collection of Danish design kitchens - you can't get 50 different colours. We keep our finger on the pulse of what customers are looking for and we provide timeless designs in the colours and finishes that people want. 

Additionally, we are transparent in our offers - letting customers know exactly what they will get for their money. Ralph and Mai felt this way of doing business aligned with their values. 

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