MILK -- building blocks for a family.

Some colours are just not up for debate – and Milk makes everything very clear. A sociable kitchen should offer a light and friendly atmosphere to all generations of the family. In some homes and for certain room layouts a bright, simple design is just right for a welcoming kitchen experience. Your kitchen project may need to have resale value and future owners in mind and Milk is probably the most affordable route to a functional, simple kitchen to which anyone can relate.


MILK -- you will need it every day.

First of all, the XL or XXL size of the cabinets gives you an extra 15% workspace and 40% extra volume for storage in comparison to standard kitchen modules. This is our standard, and though it may not ring a bell at the moment, you will come to appreciate it every day. In fact Milk gives you the same cupboard-, drawer- and organiser-modules you could dream of in our other kitchen series, and combines their functionalities to free up space in even the smallest of kitchens.

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MILK -- a bright idea for a perfect match.

Of course, we cannot take credit for the classic nature of the colour white – but with a simple white base, your budget may let you match Milk with something a bit more advanced. White in combination with black is – again not our invention - but we do have some stunning black worktops in advanced materials and surfaces, carefully selected for our kitchens series. Bright ideas are all up to you – you can find an overview here. Milk is also more than ready for any advanced kitchen appliance like a built-in oven or stove hob - our carefully selected list of brands and models can be found below.

MILK -- just a drop or a full splash?

If your preference is truly white, then a full Milk kitchen is an obvious solution, but being white Milk is also the perfect companion to match up with any of the darker or more distinctive of our kitchen series – such as a Cima dark oak island with Milk high cupboards. Milk is the perfect companion in your kitchen, just like milk and cookies.

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