Green kitchen with black handles and an integrated oven
Front colors
Handle colors

OMBRA -- green inside and out.

We teamed up with the design duo at Says Who to bring you Ombra. Inspired by Danish nature, this cool green kitchen surrounds you with a sense of calm and its organic shapes, inspired by pebbles on a Danish beach, come to life in natural, recycled materials.


Danish design -- form and function in perfect harmony.

The beauty of Danish design shines through in Ombra's clever three-drawer look - whether it's actually drawers or simply doors, the smooth round pebble handles form the basis of the look. Easily opened even by your littlest kitchen helpers, these fronts are also easy to keep clean and free of fingerprints. Beautiful and practical, that's Danish design.

Green kitchen with integrated handles and a wooden worktop

The choice is yours -- customise your handles.

A walk along a rocky Danish beach inspired the distinctive smooth oval curves of Ombra's handles. You can choose from six different colours, giving your kitchen a uniform look if you choose green or you can make the distinctive curves stand out with a contrasting colour. This way, your Ombra kitchen reflects your personal style. The material you choose for the handles brings out the color of the kitchen fronts, and if you want to change colours later on, a small update can make your kitchen feel fresh and new again.

Green fronts with integrated handles and a wooden worktop

Surface made of recycled materials

Ombra is available in a beautiful lush green or fresh white colour. Both fronts, which are made from recycled PET plastic bottles, have a matte look and a silky feel that looks great and is easy to keep clean. Each 60cm front recycles 14 PET plastic bottles, so you can feel good about doing your part to keep plastic from ending up in our oceans. And with recycled wood fibres on the inside, it’s  produced with the next generation in mind.

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Green kitchen with integrated handles and a wooden worktop

Experience Ombra -- for your home.

Green kitchen with integrated handles and a wooden worktop
Green kitchen with a wine refrigerator and a wooden worktop
Green kitchen with integrated handles and a wooden worktop
Detailed image of a green kitchen's dark oak drawer
Green kitchen cabinet with an integrated oven and wine refrigerator
Wooden worktop with a black sink

OMBRA -- not just 
for your kitchen.

— -- perfect for your bath.

Bring Ombra’s calm lines into your bath as well.

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