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VARIO 19 -- the star of your wardrobe story.

If your plan is a wardrobe which looks like your room was born with it, Vario 19 is going to be your star. Your dream of a walk-In closet or of a stunning open wardrobe full of intelligent solutions - it can all become a tailor-made reality with Vario 19 - and we promise you'll be surprised at the low price, especially for tailormade.


— immerse yourself in classic Danish design.

The walk-in feeling sometimes requires its own room - but you may find that a corner of your room is enough. The key element is a solution that will line up your clothes, so that your options are right there in front of you, showing you what's possible on those mornings when you have no idea what to wear. This is where Vario 19 comes in - because you're going to want to spend quality time in there.  Vario 19 is designed to allow great variation, and still keep its proportions and design. This is how we can tailor make a wardrobe just for you.

— everything at your leisure.

Danish design lets you enjoy the simplicity of square formats and appealing functionality executed in uncompromising craftsmanship. It even seems like your clothes are part of the decor. But Vario is more than just walk-in material. You can build and combine it to be a full stand-alone wardrobe - again tailor made to the measurements of your room.

— one solution, so many variants.

Vario 19 really takes care of your clothes, shoes and precious items.  The long list of optional features to add to Vario 19 includes felt-lined drawers, pull-out hanger racks, compartment trays, shoe shelves - you have all the choices you can dream of, and not only does it present your clothes nicely, it also protects and displays your items.

Another optional add-on is sides, that can turn Vario into a full-blown standalone wardrobe. You can even mount Smart sliding doors to elegantly finish off the look. 

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