VEDA -- the music of hello.

The handles you chose for Veda in your kitchen say a lot about your style. In your hallway they say "Hello, it's good to see you!" - in the simplest fashion.


-- Danish design that has you coming and going.

If you need a fresh idea for your hallway, Veda will show you the way. There is no reason why a hallway should be an in-between space. With Veda the atmosphere can be just as social as your living room - with a few of our smart solutions and our general approach to classic Danish design: functionality with all the aesthetics you're looking for in pure, simple shapes and colours. 


-- custom made for precisely your entryway.

You're often just passing through the entryway, throwing on your coat and rushing out the door without paying it much attention. But let it be an oasis, where there's a space on the bench to set your to-go cup while you're putting on your shoes. And at the end of the day, let your Veda entryway be the place where you land. Sit down, take off your shoes, hang up your coat and just breathe.

White drawers with black handle

-- Veda for your utility room.

The utility room tends to be a place we pass through, throwing in a load of laundry, putting away the cleaning supplies, and then going on about our business elsewhere in the house. Making functionality beautiful, that's what Danish design is all about, so why not choose Veda for your utility room? 

Find the perfect handles for your Veda utility room

VEDA -- not just for your wardrobe.

— -- when you're looking for a stylish, sustainable kitchen.

Veda, in five colours, with a recycled MDF core and recycled PET surface is a great choice for your kitchen.

— -- perfect for your bath.

Choose Veda for every room of the house.