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Danish design at surprisingly low prices

Green kitchen with a wine refrigerator and a wooden worktop

Repeated for 40 solid years – can it still be “a surprise”?

Our buying customers think so. 69% say the kitchen was less expensive than they thought at first. They also say that our designs look as we are advanced and look expensive.

Why do you keep saying "surprisingly low prices?"

-- why do you say that so often?

We prefer to talk about ideas, about design, about projects - but everybody needs to talk price. There for we talk price everyday. It is easy to

Why do you keep saying "surprisingly low prices"?

-- are they even really low??

Since the beginning, we've challenged our industry's standards and ways of doing things. We found that we could transport 26 kitchens per filled truck if we shipped them unassembled, as flatpacks. That's four times more kitchens in every truck than the industry standard, which is to ship assembled kitchens. We've passed the savings along to you.

Why do you keep saying "surprisingly low prices"?

-- our carefully curated range of Danish design gave you a better price?

We have a carefully curated range of high quality Danish design kitchens. We have refined and polished our designs over the years, so you only get the very best. This makes it easier for you to choose and cheaper for us to produce. And we pass on the savings on to you.

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