The Avolia bath features an ultra-mat recycled PET surface with a core of recycled wood, which also can be recycled when it's time for a change in your bathroom many years from now. The surface is highly durable and resists fingerprints, so it's a breeze to keep clean. Choose whether you want a contrast or a monochromatic look for the handles, it’s all up to you.


Avolia lets your style shine - in all of your home

It might be that this tone on tone is not necessarily your style, but it exemplifies what you can do with Avolia in your bath - you can make it your own! Once you have chosen the colour you want, the design lets you choose the combination of the integrated handles: the frame of the handle as well as its background can be one of 9 alternative nuances.

So if you have already chosen Avolia for your kitchen, you have an opportunity to make a style statement in your bath, with just a subtle variation in your design of the handles. 



A small cabinet to define the whole bathroom look

Admitted - it is a question of style and choice, but the ultra matt finish of Avolia gives an intensity, that insists on getting your attention - and probably your touch too  - even if it is just the one cabinet under your mirror. So graphical, it seems to draw up the rules of the room. It should be .... minimalistic? It's of course up to you.



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