VEDA -- wellness is minimalism.

Veda will naturally lead you the simplest way to the benefits of Danish design in your bathroom. It is bright and welcoming, and its geometric beauty puts no demand on you this morning. It only reminds you that all your personal toiletries and gadgets - they are all in here ready for you. And that its minimalism is only enhanced thanks to its decorative handle – that you chose so well.


VEDA -- naked elegance.

A Veda bathroom cabinet placed under your mirror naturally becomes your headquarter for your morning and nighttime routines – but you will probably find it inspires more than the practicalities in your bathroom.  Being wall mounted, it naturally sets your floor space free, and Veda’s bright matt surface gives an airy elegance leading to simple design choices for the rest of bathroom. May we suggest an equally elegant choice of tap or an integrated sink to add personality?  If you need inspiration here is our sinks list  – or you could drop by our showroom?

-- handle

Veda is minimalistic and relaxed, without any other attitude than the one you bring to the design. You could add character to the look with your creative choice of handles. If you need inspiration, here is our handles family - or we'd love to see you in our showroom.

VEDA -- ready for greatness.

Veda is a minimalistic design and yet it is fully sustainable build entirely on SFC wood – and its matt, durable foil is even in recycled PET.  Its simple beauty will have profund effect as a bathroom cabinet, but for a larger bathroom, you can easily complete your design with Prato elements like high cabinets. Simply drop by one of our showrooms for a presentation. 

If you already plan for Veda in your kitchen, then applying it to your bathroom as well will add a surprising greatness to your home – at an even more surprisingly low price.

Perhaps you are planning to reconstruct, or even extend your bathroom. We do suggest to include one of our showroom consultant early in your planning. The meeting is free and non binding, and even though we do not sell shower room solutions or marple tiles - we do work with both craftsmen and contractors, who use our Danish designs as the starting point for their work.

VEDA -- not just 
for your bath.

— -- wellness for your kitchen too

Make simple choices with Veda in your bathroom, and follow up on its simplicity in your kitchen.

— -- just as elegant in the entryway.

Veda wardrobe handles your goodbyes as elegantly as your best hellos.