Front colors


The bathroom is your oasis, where you can ease into your day or wash it away at the end. Rest your eyes on Mano's endless horizontal lines and beautify your everyday with a touch of Danish design.


-- classic Danish design.

Mano is steeped in Danish design traditions where aesthetics and functionality are in perfect harmony. Its endless possibilities, well-thought-out craftsmanship and classic look are Danish design at its best. The Mano bath is available in classic white, dark grey and black wood. With Mano, you make a durable and sustainable choice, as the white and dark grey fronts are made exclusively of recycled PET plastic bottles.

-- the perfect grips.

Mano means “hand” in Italian, and the key to Mano’s unique look is its well thought-out and integrated handles. Over the years, we’ve shaped these handles to perfection, so they’re ergonomic and fit your hand perfectly when you open the drawers and doors.

-- the look of Mano throughout your home.

You chose Mano for your kitchen, so why not have its understated elegance in your bath as well? The alarm rings and you stumble out to the bathroom to brush your teeth, bleary-eyed, and the calming beauty of Mano greets you, helping you start your day right.

MANO -- not just for your bath.

— -- perfect for the kitchen.

A connecting design idea makes a very strong impression in your home.

— -- stunning as a wardrobe too.

Choose Mano's minimalism in your bathroom, and maximise it by quoting yourself in the bedroom.