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BORDO -- beauty and practicality at a surprisingly low price.

Imagine a kitchen that reflects your style, respects your budget, and respects the environment. That's the Bordo experience we've crafted just for you! Bordo brings the beauty of Danish design right into your home, at a surprisingly low price. It's a blend of modern design and a palette of earthy colours, handpicked to give your kitchen a fresh, up-to-date look. And here's the best part: it's all achieved using both recycled and recyclable materials. So, with Bordo, you're making a choice that's good for you and your conscience.


Danish design — modern colours.

Ready to put your mark on your living space? Dive into our modern Bordo colour palette. We've got everything from the elegant sophistication of black, the earthy warmth of clay, the sun-kissed charm of arizona beige, the serene tranquility of blue, and cool, modern london grey, as well as classic white. It's like an earthy rainbow at your fingertips, waiting to transform your home into a world of your creation!

Ultra-mat — for easy cleaning.

Bordo features an ultra-mat recycled PET surface with anti-fingerprint technology. This surface is more durable than painted fronts. This makes everyday use both an aesthetic and practical experience. No need to worry about spilling a bit of flour or opening the door with wet hands, it will wipe right away.

Express yourself — with colour and our handle families.

The mat Bordo colours – classic black, modern clay, velvety arizona beige, calming blue, chic london grey and simple white – give you the choice of very different expressions in your home. Our handle selections let you express your personal style, whether it’s modern, industrial, classic, or minimalistic. And there are stylish taps to match as well, allowing you to carry the look throughout your new kitchen. You can also combine the design with other colours or add a twist of personality with our additional concepts like our open shelves or our rippled glass cabinets.

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The Sociable Kitchen® — make it your own.

We invented The Sociable Kitchen® in 1998 out of our deep knowledge of how life is lived in the kitchen. It's still going strong today because it just fits into every kind of lifestyle and home. Any of our kitchens can be a Sociable Kitchen®.

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Experience BORDO — in your home.

BORDO — beauty & recycled materials at a truly surprisingly low price.

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