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4 good reasons

Why choose Kvik?

1. Danish design. 

We're passionate about Danish design and it's the foundation of all our products - beauty, simplicity, functionality. It's always timeless and modern.

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2. Surprisingly low prices.

We're constantly challenging industry standards to find ways of building better, more affordable kitchens. And we pass the savings on to you.

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3. Sustainability.

Our kitchens are made with the next generation in mind - with recycled materials that last and wood from sustainable forestry.

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4. XXL -- more value for your money. 

Our XL cabinets give you 15% more storage space at no extra cost. And with XXL, we offer 40% more storage at a price you can afford.

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VEDA TOUCH green Kitchen

Experience Danish design kitchens.

Kitchen elements.

Turn your kitchen elements into personal design. At Kvik you decide for yourself how you assemble your kitchen elements, as we adapt the modules for your room and needs instead of standard solutions.
White kitchen with a kitchen island, tall cabinets and black handles

Inspiration for your kitchen.

At Kvik you will find kitchen solutions with endless possibilities. Be inspired by our many kitchen types and shapes, we can help you create one to fit your unique needs.

Get started with your kitchen project.

Have you thought about how you use your kitchen today? We usually work in the same patterns when we are in the kitchen. Remember to think about the ways you will use your new kitchen.
Kvik's own concept

The Sociable Kitchen®

Back in 1999, we introduced the Sociable Kitchen®. The philosophy behind it is simple: It's a place where the kitchen is in the centre of your life and your home. It's in the kitchen that we gather to cook, to laugh, to play games and to have those deep conversations. It's here that we've gone to work and to school over the past couple of years. It's here that those everyday chores become a time to catch your breath over a cup of coffee. It's here we can spend time with friends and family and decompress from our day. It's here that the everyday magic takes place. It's the room where everyone wants to spend time. 

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Black kitchen with kitchen island and colored black fronts