Front colors

PAVIA -- the estate kitchen for the classical taste.

This is Pavia - one of our strongest design achievements. Because on the inside, Pavia is packed with modern kitchen features and is among the most sustainable in our kitchen lineup. But on the outside, it excels at being classic in both design and handles. And there is a reason for this traditional approach.


A true classic -- in all respects.

Pavia is designed not only for people with classic tastes, but for classic houses. In many houses, the general architecture, the room layout or even the history requires a classic starting point in order to respect the overall aesthetics – and then introduce innovative ideas.

But Pavia is not retro. If you have an eye for traditional carpentry you might already have noticed how the frames have been slimmed and sharpened by our designers. In fact, every single dimension and characteristic of traditional country kitchen drawers and cupboards have been reevaluated and retouched to give a traditional style a modern statement.






Timeless -- and open to new technology.

With Pavia as your classic kitchen, you have all the modern kitchen solutions to choose from - intelligent drawer organisation, spacious cabinets and integrated appliances. Plus, you have firmly constructed cabinets made of high quality, recycled materials, with a look that is serious about quality and tradition.

Sustainablity -- at your fingertips.

Nowhere is that more true than Pavia's fronts. They are made of recycled PET plastic bottles with a special matt surface that keeps Pavia free of everyday kitchen fingerprints. It's also easy to clean. This is made possible by a special texture that's imprinted on the recycled PET plastic foils. 

Experience Pavia -- for your home.