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Tailored wardrobe solutions

At Kvik, we offer tailor-made wardrobes to suit your precise needs. Whether you need a walk-in closet, sliding doors and cabinets, or you want to decorate your entrance or have more storage in your utility room, we can create your dream solution. Our selection of wardrobe products provides you the best starting point to find the solution that suits you perfectly. And you may think tailor made sounds expensive, but as always, you'll be surprised by our low prices. 

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5 ways to a tailor-made wardrobe.

-- tailor make your walk-in closet. 

Our walk-in closets are a separate room or a separate section of a room, dedicated to surrounding you with all your favourite clothes. Inside we tailor make Module 16 or Vario 19 with everything exactly as you would like it to be. It begins with  your measurements, and it ends with your dream walk-in closet. You can also use Vario 19 to create a separate section of a room. And you can always finish off with Smart or De Luxe sliding doors. 


-- tailor make a wardrobe with sliding doors.

Our sliding-door wardrobes are a wall or a section of a wall behind a De Luxe or Smart sliding door which has been tailor made from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall to your exact room - and equipped with intelligent storage solutions consisting of Vario 19 or Module 16. 


-- tailor make your cabinet wardrobe.

Our cabinet wardrobe is a combination of our cabinets, tailor made to fit the dimensions of your choice – and finished with the front design you prefer. 


-- tailor make your entryway, children's room, utility room.

A creative combination of our Danish design wardrobe cabinets can add new functionality to virtually every room in your house.