Cima -- solid and naturally passionate Danish design

Without dominating a room, Cima brings a natural calm and confidence – even to bathrooms with edgy styling. Cima is not a splash of colour in this year's trendy hue. This classic bathroom cabinet will last and stay in style as long as you need it to. Behind its natural, glowing oak, you'll find your toiletries - morning after morning. And no, they are not doors; they're drawers. You'll love them for the overview and intelligent organisation as they silently roll out for you. And for the rest of your family too.


Danish design in a genuine vintage material

No matter what design style you choose for your bathroom, even a single Cima cabinet brings classic qualities to the whole room. Oak is such an evergreen material that its warm golden glow has been a stylish combination for a homely setting for many years, and you can see why.



Nothing beats oak - but you could complement it nicely

Everyone has their own ideas, but who doesn't love a little inspiration? We have sinks that perfectly match the classic design vibe of Cima's warm oak. Modern, but classic – just how you like it.

Whether you favour an integrated sink or prefer one mounted on top of a cabinet, like the one here, we have something that will work for you. You can see more options in our sink selection - and finish it with a snazzy tap from our tap selection.

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