PRATO -- elegance in the shadow.

Your bathroom will never be the same once you add Prato. The mat surface brings a look almost like sandy beaches, and its understated elegance is a natural stage where all your favourite items can play the dramatic leading role.


PRATO -- understated elegance.

A single Prato bathroom cabinet will quietly organize all your morning beauty items and accessories while you splash you face in front of the mirror. And while Prato never steal the center of attention, in fact you will probably thank it for underlining the beauty in the rest of the room. All the more reason for making a careful choice of a brilliant sink? If you need inspiration, here is our selection of bathroom sinks – but to get a reel taste of what the matt design can do, we do think you need to visit our showroom 

PRATO -- hands on details.

Prato is subtle and precise on all the details – so when you reach to open a door or drawer, you find the handle is integrated into the surface. A cut out profile edge – that is painted black on the back side to give a precise graphical character. You can open it with just a finger, and access its interior, organized with the drawer organizer of you choice. Closing? Again no handle, so you will naturally push with your hand - and perhaps enjoy the velvet feel of Pratos main feature: its matt surface. The fact that it is anti-fingerprint, that’s the detail.

PRATO -- for a bigger design.

Prato is a subtle and precise design, fully sustainable build entirely on SFC wood – and its matt, durable foil is even in recycled PET. Its understated look will have profund effect as a bathroom cabinet, but for a larger bathroom, you can easily complete your design with Prato elements like high cabinets. Simply drop by one of our showrooms for presentation. 

If you already plan for Prato in your kitchen, then applying it to your bathroom as well will add a surprising greatness to your home – at an even more surprisingly low price.

If you are planning to reconstruct you bathroom, perhaps even extend it, we suggest to include one of our showroom consultant early in your planning. The meeting is free and non binding, and even though we do not sell shower room solutions or marple tiles - we do work with both local craftsmen and contractors, who use our Danish designs as the starting point for their work.

PRATO -- not just 
for your bath.

— -- precisely as subtle in your kitchen.

Show your taste for details with Prato in your bathroom, and let it shine in your kitchen as well.

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