PAVIA -- to calm the waters.

Whether your dream is a Roman bath, a Greek spa or simply a relaxing wellness space in your own home, your can't find a more classic starting point than Pavia for your bathroom design. One spacious wall-mounted solution to contain your personal accessories and toiletries - and the rest is just free floor space for you.


PAVIA -- free your bathroom floor.

When space is limited we suggest making the elegant choice first – and the rest will follow. PAVIA is traditional,  bright elegance and in a bathroom setting, it's characteristic framed profiles make it look almost marble-like. The single bathroom cabinet is spacious and  mounted on the wall to set the beauty of your floor space free. Once you let it organise the rush hour situation in front of your mirror, elegant new solutions and ideas present themselves - like finishing up the look with an integrated sink?  


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PAVIA -- the details are in your hands.

If you appreciate Pavia, you might also have a classical taste in handles. And no, it is not a minor detail. The square design on this image gives a very safe and solid impression, but there are so many to choose from and they really have a significant effect on the end result. Drop by one of our showrooms, and have a talk with one of our consultants and finger through the handles for yourself.

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PAVIA -- in the bigger picture.

PAVIA is a classical design in the stylish sense and yet it is fully sustainable and build entirely of FSC certified wood from sustainable forestry. Its durable surface foil is even made of recycled PET. Aesthetically, applying Pavia to both your bathroom and your kitchen will add a surprising elegance to the feel of your home - at a surprisingly low price.

You could start off your design with a Pavia bathroom cabinet under your mirror, but in a bigger bathroom Pavia offers all the ideas you need – like tall cupboards for your towels and linens? Simply drop by one of our showrooms, and have a talk with one of our consultants. 

If you are planning to fully reconstruct your bathroom, perhaps even extend it, we also suggest that you involve one of our experts early in your planning. The meeting is free and non-binding, and even though we do not sell shower room solutions or marble tiles - we do work with both craftsmen and contractors who use our Danish designs as the starting point for their work.

PAVIA -- not just for your bath.

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