CORISA — Bring nature indoors with a touch of luxury

Exclusively designed for us by Danish design duo Says Who, Corisa is an eye-catching addition to our carefully curated collection of Danish design kitchens – now available as a full kitchen. The refined vertical lines signal craftsmanship and luxury, whilst the natural oak surface has a warm and inviting glow. You just can’t help but want to run your fingers over the surface. It introduces a tactile, visually exciting and natural element that pairs perfectly with our other kitchen designs to give your kitchen that extra lift of luxury. As always, at a surprisingly low price.


Luxurious Danish design.

Corisa was designed to add a striking element of luxury to your kitchen, it's the perfect way to invite the warmth of wood indoors and bring natural elegance to your home. Now available as a full kitchen you can envelop your kitchen in Corisa, or mix and match across all our kitchen styles. 

A tactile experience.

When your fingertips meet the surface of Corisa, the tactile experience is overwhelming, the warm wood and the profiled stripes make us want to let our fingers linger on the surface and enjoy the glow of the oak. 

Warm and modern wood.

The lacquered oak veneer stripes bring a warm and modern touch to your home. Their refined slim lines and meticulous attention to detail convey exclusive luxury. At the same time, the surface of the striped wood design brings echoes of nature indoors. Why not add a kitchen island, too? You can mix and match across the designs or keep it exclusively Corisa – we give you that flexibility! If you're unsure, you can always reach out to our kitchen experts, who are always happy to help.

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