NOLIAM -- understated elegance at your service.

You have your reasons for wanting a kitchen in white – and Noliam was originally designed in white to give a sense of clean elegance to your entire kitchen area. And now it's also available in our very popular arizona beige shade. Same elegance, now in two colours. Of course the elegance is more than skin deep – Noliam is designed not on chipboard but using a non-virgin wood fibre core with a special foil of recycled PET bottles to elegantly create those clean surfaces You can tell when you run your fingers over its smooth finish that it will stand up to anything your family can put it through and be easy to clean as well.


Danish design — clean elegant lines.

You will have noticed them by now: the elegant lines drawn by drawers, doors and worktop. On the smooth sustainable foil, the handles have been incorporated into the design and this integrated profile gives your fingers the perfect grip for smoothly gliding drawers and doors. This feature is essentially Noliam's only design element - functional Danish design - as always, at a surprisingly low price. Once you open them, you find that Noliam reveals all the functionalities you could dream of: intelligent drawer organisers, an integrated dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer that looks...well...cooler under the the clean Noliam fronts, and a built-in oven or cooking hob in black could be the perfect contrast.

Go bold — choose contrast.

Noliam's characteristic lines give you a strong, solid look and a perfect opportunity to pair with contrasting colours – also in worktops. You naturally can choose the worktop you like in terms of colour and material – but we suggest a solidly dimensioned worktop  to match up to Noliam's lines.

Go large — when size matters.

You just might consider Noliam in white or arizona beige for the positive effect it has on smaller kitchens, making them appear bigger. Noliam is no exception – but our XL and XXL modules actually are. Simply explained, compared to standard kitchen modules, Noliam comes in XL modules with 15% more volume to offer in the same floor space. If you choose our XXL version you get 40% extra space. We suggest you ask for a non-binding offer on Noliam from one of our kitchen experts - based on your specific layout. As always, a surprisingly low price is a given.

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